Something for ‘When You Want to Quit’

Even the ones with the corner office walk along this path sometimes so yes, you are okay and no, you may not need therapy for this. What you need is a few days in, a rerun of The Office and perhaps this:


Warning : Dosage indicated varies per case. If symptoms persist, remember – everyone is moving into graphics and web design, photography etc So you need to be sure your idea has what it takes and then some – the world does not need another t-shirt making enterprise…or maybe it does?


Okay – maybe you do have the t-shirt enterprise that will blow every other t-shirt making, photo taking, graphic designing start up out of the water – great! Now get your mind, your spirit and your bank account in line because it will probably take a while before it breaks even, maybe not. But in those first few months you will need to remember abs are built in a day said no one ever.


You may walk down this road and maybe learn it wasn’t really for you or you may discover there is more beyond the cubicle and that’s the stuff you were made for. Truth is, you can never really know which side of the coin you will get until you’re looking at it. Whatever it is, whatever decision you finally make after the day you want to quit, own it. There are only a few things more worthwhile than making the best out of everything. So while you’re at it:


Repeat dosage as often as required. The key is to discover and live out your life’s passion(s) well before you are 65 and realise you need to start living when what you really ought to be doing, is taking it all in.


Take a Chance

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let’s call this lesson #1 🙂 : Taking Chances

A year ago, as part of a society in campus i was asked if i’d like to be a mentor to some 2nd year students in our group. See, i was in my fourth and last year and who best to dish out some guidance here and there than a seniour? I hadn’t seen it all but i had lived there longer…plus I wasn’t given much time to make up my mind and i only had to meet them up once a week so i thought, why not? Try everything once right? In retrospect, that was one of the best decisions i have ever made.

I wasn’t the always out there kind of girl. Yes, i’m fun to hang out with and all but i hadn’t really mingled much in our circle. So there i was, on day one of this ‘mentoring journey’, with about twenty guys crammed into my campus room and snacks and drinks laid out on the side table. Yes, you got it right, 15 guys showed up (I’d invited 5 friends to help me raid the spread just incase no one showed up hehe). Who does that?!!! Shows up for a first meeting at a ‘strangers’ place and tags along 14 more people? I hadn’t even decided if i was really into it and here they were; 15 hearts looking up and waiting to hear what i had to say…i freaked out. The good thing about first meetings though is there’s always introductions to be done and snacks to be passed out so i was safe.

I remember at the end of it i told them that i wasn’t the most affectionate of people. I wasn’t about to track all their moves, advice them on every turn, beat them up for every mistake or call them up every week to remind them of the meet or check up on how this and that was going. I was learning alot myself and all i could offer was my time, the much love i could muster and stories of what i felt they should know about. I told them i didn’t expect or want them to be like me, but i hoped at the end of this, they’d better at being them. Deep down i hoped i’d scared them off. 20 guys showed up for the meet the next week.

Flash forward to here and now and i can say that i made some really good friends through those meets. Some of them still call up once in a while and everytime they do, they pump in some more yellow in my days. I’ll never forget that for my 23rd birthday, they threw me a belated party and each got a chance to say something before we cut the cake. The beauty of those words still grace my heart and i have seen lots of what was spoken into this life come to pass.

I almost missed out on all that because i was afraid to take the chance, to let someone, or 20, be a part of my life. I can only hope what we talked about those many meets ago somehow fanned a flame in them that burns today. Even if it didn’t, it was not because i didn’t try. I took a chance, and if i was to go back in time a year ago today, i’d take it again.

Take a chance won’t you? 🙂