I watched Brave a little while back and i loved it! There was something ‘real’ in Princess Merida. I loved that she wasn’t all dresses and slippers. Don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against dresses or shoes. There was just something beautiful about how they let her be …raw.

A little while later though Merida the archer, running across fields, beating the boys at their own game…the raw Merida i loved had a little of a makeover because she was now being crowned a Disney princess and there were certain ‘qualities’ she needed to have.



I know we’ve come to know princesses as pretty, proper, hair and makeup in place et al. I know that’s what would be expected if you, for example, were crowned today but, i wonder if the princess is the crown or the heart the crown sits upon.

I loved Merida because she was…normal. She had rough edges and a strong will. She had unruly hair and a mind of her own. She made mistakes. She had triplets for brothers and she was sane! 🙂 She was the girl you’ve met before, she was the princess you would love perhaps because she didn’t paint over the cracks or glam up so hard she’d get lost i the glitter. She was…normal.

Now with the ‘remodelling’, she’s a princess and if i were her subject, i’d feel the need to wave by the roadside because she wouldn’t seem like one who could relate to me.

Sometimes that’s what we do to ourselves. Buff up the shells till they shine so hard, we can’t see what lies underneath. I know there’s the constant pressure to be ‘it’. The girls in the heels and the life with everything in place. The guy with the job and the car and everything in between. We fight so hard to be acceptable that sometimes we lose the raw us. The us that was meant to be. Sometimes, we remodel. Only the remodelling takes over and leaves persons we don’t really know. All phases of growing pains me thinks. Trying to find out, define, make over who you are only to lose it in the same quest.

I loved Merida ‘before’ 🙂 If only we were brave enough to be who we are, brave enough not to remodel the blueprint, brave enough not to just be. If only they were.

I can watch it over and over. Brave. It reminds me that in the end, one thing matters : being true to yourself.


© Ang’asa Malowa