From the time you will be born, people will want to shape your mind. At first, it will be because you cannot walk on your own. Because you will need to learn how to be. Later, it may be because they would like you to become a certain way or remain a given way; or even none of the above. There are many reasons people do the things they do. I cannot think of all of them now; but people will always have a reason. It is not always easy to tell what these reasons are. The kindest intentions have led many down wicked paths, so i cannot tell you which is which. That would be for you to determine. I only pray that you o this one thing for me – colonise your mind. Explore every edge of who you are, understand it and conquer it. Not for me, not for anyone but yourself. It is the knowledge of yourself that will help you decide what hands to let mould you. It is the understanding of who you are that will help you choose your paths.

It is every mother’s wish to plan their child’s life for them. It is not because we are possessive – that is a myth, it is because we have seen enough to know what you would want and even though I will forget, I know it would be wrong for me to pen your own story for you. So listen to me, colonise your own self. You do not need to take in what you do not need; you do not need to alter yourself to fit to any mould, walk away when your gut tells you to and remember that no one can discover what is already your own better than you would. Even your mother may sometimes not understand your vision. It is your course to chart. I will meddle but you will chose. Chose yourself. Many times, chose yourself. You will want to live your life and be who you were made to be. It is not selfish, it is necessary.

It will not be easy to watch you make mistakes. But because it would be harder to watch who you are die under too much direction, I will be there to dust you when you fall, cheer you on when you start again. May God grant me the grace to let you grow and may he grant you the strength to find your own voice and to fight for who you will be meant to be.

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