Get a Life

I’m pretty sure if one more magazine cover has ‘Get a life’. ‘Get a life now’. ‘10 ways to get a life’ somewhere on it, I’ll take a reading sabbatical until a) editors find better articles to grace their covers b) there’s an alien takeover and all human communication is banned or c) I actually have a life. As it is, I think the former will come sooner.


It’s the curse of the twenties me thinks. So much happening; the good, the awesome, the weird, the stuff you will never accept you did and the endless stream of life lessons (how many can there be?! Then along pops this great idea – get a life. To that I keep asking the same question, when? 



It’s a subtle shift from living everyday to living through each day when you have/ don’t have an 8-5 starter job, where you’re exited to be at half the time or waiting for something to turn up and wondering if this is what twelve years of the education system culminates to. Did I mention the sudden loss of friend mass? What with everyone moving everywhere, it is no longer strange when sometimes all you can talk about is something to do with trends you don’t really follow and news you didn’t really know.




You probably think this is one of these  kind of posts. Well, it really almost isn’t.


For every hint of worry about what the mystic future holds, for every insecurity that creeps up when I really don’t feel this is how my life should be turning out, for every morning I wish wasn’t so punctual – life goes on. So in a way, as much I hate to say it, maybe I should get a life. The ‘Ten ways’ on how to in this month’s edition may not really be the best way how but yes, they’re kinda onto something.


Everyday I wake up and go to work, I give all I got for hours then mostly head back home where I collapse on the sofa till I can feel my feet again. I get up, debate on whether I need food or sleep more – sleep usually wins and the cycle picks up again. Before I know it, it’s been a month. A month where I haven’t called or gone home, talked to my sister, actually read a book or anything just for the fun of it or- get this, left the house on the weekends – all four of them. And I feel okay with that most times. Problem is, while I’m getting through the days, I’m not really getting anything out of them. I can only stand that long enough.


I know it’s a circle of life phase thing but there’s really got to be more to life than enduring five days just to have two. And you’re lucky if those aren’t eclipsed by laundry and errands. Sometimes even just hanging out with actual people (apparently internet doesn’t count) becomes something we need to give up just so we can breathe. There’s got to be more, right?


Don’t get me wrong, I am super grateful for the life I have, the job I get to wake up for and the friends and family that still claim me even after weeks of hibernation. I really am. I’m just having one of those weeks that start at the bottom of the mountain where you really can’t see much to look forward to. So I’ll probably be painting it yellow tomorrow but today I’m running low on optimism, today I just want to sit in the rain a while. (And so I write this to sit you here with me – misery loves company :D)


I long for the days I had hobbies, had the time to enjoy life’s little pleasures. And I intend to get them back, maybe not in the same way but I’ll find a when. A when in this amazingly winding rat race where I’ll just kick back, have some cheese

– and take a selfie while I’m at it 😀
I can do it, somehow.



Till then, I’m not buying this months edition, (I saw the first one, it said to exercise and keep off sugar *shudders hehehe) the ten ways wouldn’t have worked anyway 😉