Raise your Glass!

Super, super tired today. Just got back from one long but really awesome work trip with the lot of my colleagues and i have another 9 hours of travel by bus tomorrow before i get back home. And yes, i will be at the office Monday, ready to start off the week albeit with a little less energy than usual because…whoa! Thats the only word that relates to what i’m feeling right now 😀

So i thought to write today because i won’t be able to tomorrow on the road and the coming week is also crazy busy. Here are some pictures i took while i was away…


this was my first stop at some newly discovered coffee house in Narok, one of the towns on your way to Nairobi and i must say, i was pleasantly surprised! 🙂



 With my colleague, friend and partner in crime Beatrice ready to set off for Arusha. And then flash forward to the visit to the Ngorongoro Conservation on our last day there.


on the road…


the forest…

Image       spotted the zebra…



The wildebeest…



An elephant calf…yes, its one big baby 🙂



and the king and his queen who were a little far off to get a clear shot of even with my max zooming.

I will be spending my 24th birthday in a bus on my way home…didn’t see that coming hehehe but i have had so much fun this last week to make that kinda okay. 665 km + … the fatigue is worth it though 🙂

So since i’ll have passed out most of tomorrow, why don’t you join me in raising your glass to the beauty that is Africa, the awesome people i work with and of course, the birthday and 2 and anniversary of my blogging on wordpress! Here’s to the Africa, here’s to my colleagues and the 13th; may the new year bring with it more laughter, more travel and more life 🙂



last shot with a bunch of my colleagues…awesome people! 🙂

ps: if you’re ever in Tanzania and you can, be sure to do the drive through the Ngorongoro conservation…beautiful!

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