New Pages, New Scripts

If you’d told me I’d be working with farmers, their families and school kids two years ago I would probably have un-friended you on Facebook and not talked to you for a while. My 21 year old self would have marked you as an ‘enemy of progress’ and strongly so. If you’d told me the same thing when I was eighteen, I would have told you I really didn’t see that happening. Back then I was in love with the culinary art and would do anything to be a chef. Had my whole life planned out and everything. But if you’d told me the same story when I was just getting into high school, I would have told you a different story. Back then I wanted to be a medic. Never mind that I was already freaked by the sight of blood (having never actually seen a bloody scene, I trusted my ER episodes to suffice) and take an injection to save my life.  That was me then. Young, ambitious and having no idea what physics and chemistry classes were actually like.



Flash forward to the here and now. I’m counting down sixteen days till I’m 24, I am doing nothing close to what I’d dreamed I would…and I’m loving it! I still think I would have made an awesome chef though despite the fact that there have been claims that I couldn’t stand cooking that often seeing as I grab what I can while at work so I don’t really have to cook most evenings. I blame that on something, can’t quite recall what at the moment 🙂



I get to travel, I get to meet people with as much diversities as I could think, I get to work with kids adults, the youth…and I get to take an insane amount of photos just like this one. Beat that! 😀



I tend to think a little too much and if I’d seen this in the cards, I’d have frozen over and did all I could to alter what would be. Why? Because just like you, I fear the unknown and if you’d told me then, that is what it would be.

In just a little over a year I have moved out and away from everything I knew to be home, moved into a totally new (and a little… okay a lot 😀 strange) place, started out at a new job with the closest friends being  towns away. I must have doubted and second guessed myself a million times before I took a step. I have lost friends, I have made some and kept some; I have learned that family is what you got at the end of the day, good friends make life worth living and that if you find love, bask in it because sometimes, sometimes it’s not meant to last…



I have learnt that I would be nowhere without my faith in the unseen and I have learnt that I may not be the woman that has it all, but I will be the woman that loves every little bit of what she gets.

So I smile, tonight I smile because growing up isn’t as hard as I thought it would be; it’s harder! 😀 its also fun and tricky and exasperating at times, its sunshine and rain and stormy nights – its life. And I’m learning to love every unplanned minute of it. So let the drum-rolls begin and 24 get here already; new pages, new scripts 🙂

 © Ang’asa Malowa

*pictures, except shot of the lake, not my own




© Ang’asa Malowa


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