Ramblings …

Dear Imani,

The sun is finally out; makes me feel like its easier to get more yellow into my days.

Just thought I’d let you know its wedding season here. Best excuse to get new dresses don’t you think? 🙂

I can walk okay again. Learnt to treasure the little things too. I smiled today at how happy I was to do the dishes standing. I pray you will not have to fracture anything to see the beauty in the background; to feel every moment. I pray I will be able to teach you that.

I know I sound rather scattered today. I don’t know why…but I know I’m happy. Spent the weekend with your aunt, its almost midnight and she’s still working (PS: its Sunday). I really pray you get her passion, her drive. I really do.

I have to go now; I’m rambling already. Wish me a good week, I have a feeling about this one…can’t put a finger on it yet though. Don’t worry, its a good one.

Write you soon…

Love you always,


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