Breathe…and say Thanks

Breathe and say thanks

I don’t know about you but recent trends show an increase in the amount of whining there is. I’m not saying that the economy is as we would want it to be or that security levels are at an optimum coupled with food security everywhere, on the contrary. All I’m saying is for every dip in the economy, for every fracture in our social system, there has to be something else. Something that we look at, but do not see. Something we can be grateful for.

Most recently, the Kenyan political scene has been on the spotlight,if you ask me, mostly for all the wrong reasons. As has been the nation’s moral fabric, what with the unexplainable rise in crime and unmentionable sexual deviations taking front page on air and print. This, not to mention the endless show of greed and power from the country’s top to households where battery, child molestation and planned spouse assassinations are fast becoming norms.

Indeed, a lot of the news served to us doesn’t paint much of a yellow picture. If anything, we should be forgiven for turning into a whiny bunch quick to point fingers at flaws on everyone else but ourselves. Quick to join in the bullying trends on social media and quick to forget that the news segment is given just close to an hour to air and many times what tops the newsworthy list isn’t the leaders that are taking steps towards the nations development, the wives loving their husbands and families, the husbands drinking from their own wells and the children growing up into a generation we’d be proud to say we nurtured. Just because a case of adultery gets front page and that of a marriage built to last gets a column in the midsection, does not mean they do not exist.

 I believe that because of what is thrown at us, our hearts have evolved turning us into unfeeling critics rained to find the spot on the garment even when there is none to find.

I also believe that we can constantly make the choice to see the yellow in the grey. To see the hope in a nation we have been ‘trained’ to fall out of love with.

Yes we made mistakes, we are struggling to set up structures against impunity, we have families facing more challenges than before, we have a generation growing up faster than we’d want them too. But don’t other nations as well? Don’t we also have a constitution for the people, by the people? Don’t we also have a diversity of cultures admired world over, a growing infrastructural system, a noted passion for life and a patriotic heart so fierce, we stand by any brand Kenyan even when it fails? Just think Harambee Stars.

We have our trials, our struggles, our failures, our unmet plans and unfulfilled dreams. We do. But we have so much more.

We are Kenyan. Even in the face of many struggles we’d like to wish away, we are a people with a big heart, great minds and horizons still untapped. We do have families struggling but built to last, we do have a rising generation bursting with talent, strength and hope. Hope for a future we can build together. If for a moment, we’d take a breather and say thanks. Thanks for all that we have, that we look at but do not see. And in that spirit affirm our anthem’s cry;


Oh God of all Creation

Bless this land and nation

Justice be our shield and defender…


Let one and all arise

With hearts both strong and true

Service be our earnest endeavor…


Let all with one accord
In common bond united
Build this our nation together
And the glory of Kenya
The fruit of our labour
Fill every heart with thanksgiving

Here’s to a thankful week.
Picture courtesy of Mutua Matheka Wallpaper Edition

©Ang’asa Malowa




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