…New Year


Happy New Year. Well, as much as we’d all love it to be a happy new year, for someone somewhere, its not even close. Its just another day where everyone else seems to burst with way too much joy and enthusiasm. To this someone, 8 days later, its still annoying that every post everywhere has a ‘happy new year’ theme to it…and i don’t blame them for feeling like they need to move out of earth for a while until we all shush about it because for the longest time, i didn’t know it was even possible not to be in the ‘happy’ mode once a new year clocked in.

Not so long ago, on the many phonecalls we make that night, i talked to a friend of mine that wasn’t having it happy that day. So much was going on, so much that i hadn’t been there to see what with all my excitement that season. She was struck in the grey…didn’t see what we were all so happy about. Listening and talking an hour later, that’s when i started to understand that there was someone else somewhere who wasn’t having a happy new year. Someone like my friend. There wasn’t much i could do to paint my yellow over her grey…but listen and try to understand what her heart was going through just then.

Its still a new year, at least for me it is. And i’m still on a happy high as i always seem to be this time of the year. But now i know that someone somewhere is just having a new year…no glitz, no lights, no hope,no love. Maybe you know someone like this too. We can’t wish away whatever dark clouds are ruining their moment, though we’d want to, most of the time we can’t. What we can do is be there, is listen, is hand them an umbrella in the rain and where we can light up the dark…in whatever little way, lets.

It’s a new year but it’s not up in lights for all of us. Someone somewhere is wondering what the rest of
the world is fussing about…they are yet to see reason to celebrate, to be
happy, to look forward to something new…it’s just not a ‘happy new year’ for
them. I also know that telling them there’s gonna be a brighter day may not
help either… may not be as happy for someone else as it is for you. Light a
candle so they can see through the dark, hold their hand, give a hug, just sit
there with them…let them know someone cares. May not seem like much, but
trust me, it will put some happy into their new year

I know we all have our own new year joys and troubles to sort out and we may forget its not always all about us…Spread the happiness, won’t you?

© Ang’asa Malowa;  Photo ©Mutua Matheka

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